How To Be Alpha In A Beta World:

The second series in adopting an alpha mindset.

The Habit Manifesto.



Series II: The Habit Manifesto

The first part of this edition started with the fear of judgement,

— and in many ways, how it’s killing you.

In case you missed it, read it here.

Once free,

You become erudite,

life is as light as a Pelican’s feather,

free flowing as the essence of Spirit,

You are born again,
fear drapes itself somewhere else,

A magnetic wavelength colors itself in all that you do,

in all that you think,

You are free,

free at last,

— but this, however, is not enough.

You must control this energy,
You must concentrate it into things of value,

You must build the right habits,

– of being and doing.

Habits are what separate lions from gazelles.

The biographies of great men are filled with many disciplines.

I understand, favorably, that it’s not as easy as I point it out to be.

Mainstream media preaches, and never practices. Hence, I have created the habit manifesto —

a compilation of the steps that will get you there,

You want to be alpha?

Here’s step one: Find Your Darlings, And Kill Them.

kill your darlings

Darlings are the small, almost intangible habits that we hold dear to our hearts,

These are the dopamine-inducing sweethearts that add nothing of value to your life,

The Facebooks, The Twitters,

Binge watching ‘Friends’ and shooting hoop with your boys all day,

Kill these first,

Kill these fast,

Because given the chance,

They won’t hesitate to stab your greatness in the back.

Step two: Play With The Ugly, The Bad, The Tasteless.



Life has a sense of humour that most won’t catch,

The disciplines that mold character and fortify strength are always painful, unexciting and revolting,

Just like how over-weight, unattractive girls have better personalities than the slim, pretty blondes,

You need to accept this, and play the game with this awareness in mind.

You must lift weights and read religiously,

You must meditate and journal daily,

You must wake up early,

You must jog, pray, learn.

You must seek the pain of discipline,

in fear of the pain of regret.


Step three: If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going!


Perseverance is the trait of kings,

it is sharper than Poseidon’s Trident,

it immortalizes the mortal,

it builds conviction,

Once you have married the ugly, the bad, the tasteless,

— all that’s left to do is stay faithful,

You place the law of momentum in your hands,

And life (the comedian),

Has no choice but to give in.




 You want to be alpha?
— build the right habits.

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