Wear my poetry. On your skin. Recite parts of me. On your stretch marks. Carry my sensuality. On your tongue. Speak. Only about us. Of my Ubuntu lips. Sun kissing. Hot. Seductive breathing. Breathe in. Our moments. In every line. Surprise me ... Tell your father you aren't his. Anymore. Pack your belongings. Recite me. [...]


Of Black, Children & Vices.

Colonialism kissed, The face of the African sun, Systematic, The infiltration of the devil's kiss, Illusions of colour, Illusions that blinded, The hearts of supremacists, WE ARE CHILDREN, Dreams of our ancestors, Silhouettes of their realities, Our minds cannot conceive of, Shades of black, of niggers cut, blood, Bath of kaffirs, The knife that is [...]